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I've always had a passion for making people feel valued and understood.

And it's this passion that has always driven my career aspirations.

Friend: “Smile for the camera!”
Me: 😐


I wanted to be a therapist.

I was studying psychology at York University. I found behaviourial psychology extremely interesting, but I also wanted to help people.

But when COVID hit, I began rethinking my career path...

"You should look into UX."

A friend of mine told me that I would be a great fit for UX Design, so I began to look at some videos and quickly became super interested! I was just worried about the actual design aspect as I never considered myself 'good at art'.


I can do this!

Obvious I can point out a bunch of issues with it now, but at the time…

Picking up Figma so quickly gave me the confidence and reassurance to tell myself "I can do this", and go all in on becoming a UX Designer.

A LinkedIn Recreation I made in my first Figma class!


Startup Suph!

I got to leave my mark on a range of projects and teams!

Most notably I was part of the founding teams for a new fractional investment website.



These 12 weeks pushed me to my limits and made for one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life.